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Farmtastic Farms

Cultivating ideas for growth

Farmtastic farms is a combination of modern cutting edge, highest quality and sustainable food technology and production. It is committed to the improvement of food quality and food security. The idea of establishing this farm is to make food available, affordable and sustain agricultural and environmental care on the globe.

The Company

Farmtastic Farms Kaduna state Nigeria is a company that is involved in the following Agricultural activities:

  • Environmental Care (Afforestation)
  • Agro tourism / Agribusiness
  • Aquaculture
  • Storage, Import & Export of Agricultural products
  • Equipment rental, repairs and sales
  • Livestock and milk production
  • Crop cultivation / Green house
  • Poultry / Consultancy services


The Green CommuniTree Project

The purpose and vision of this project is to build a resilient venture to mitigate climate change and global warming where people and the environment thrive and to operate a sustainable tree planting project that provides vital habitat for animals and ecological services for humans, such as purifying the air we breathe by removing the CO2 and other toxins out of the atmosphere to tackle the climate crisis and regulating local temperatures through the shades provided by the trees and improving the health status of the community people from the fruits provided by the trees.


Helping to build an exclusive agricultural company that promotes sustainable agricultural practices for food security of now and future generations while preserving the environment.


A resilient farm where people and the environment thrive & to operate a sustainable agri-business that provides food insecurity while maintaining the eco system.



We’re excited to announce our partnership with Global Tree Initiative, which means we’re officially launching our Green CommuniTree Project campaign! Together we can create a conscious, wise, warm-hearted world of peace, where people respect and live in harmony with animals and the environment.


We’re excited to announce our partnership with One Tree Planted, which means we’re officially launching our Green CommuniTree Project campaign! In 2022, Two Trees PPC has decided to become more sustainable and “green” .

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation and has planted trees in more than a dozen US states, across three Canadian provinces, and in Mexico. Their projects restore forests in the wake of major wildfires like those in Paradise, California; repair damage caused by industry and resource extraction; and even support the endangered Southern Resident Orca of the Pacific Northwest.


We’re excited to announce our partnership with Manica Youth Assembly – MAYA , which means we’re officially launching our Green CommuniTree Project campaign!

Together we can create a Safe, Inclusive, Resilient and Participatory Communities.


PRECIOUS KIDS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL-THE GREEN COMMUNITREE PROJECT Precious kids’ international school Jalingo, Taraba State was established in 2003 and have two sections. The conventional section and the special education section which caters for pupils and students with disabilities such as hearing impairment (deaf), visual impairment (blind) and limbless. In other to support this wonderful school and to reduce climate change, Farmtastic farms through the Green CommuniTree Project planted 14 trees ( 2 Cashew, 1 Masquerade, 1 flamboyant, 2 Mahogany and 8 Eucalyptus) in the school premises today 5th October, 2022. The pupils, students and school management were happy to be a beneficiary of this project and promise to nurture these trees to growth. We enlightened them on the importance of tree planting and encouraged them to sustain their passion for tree planting. These tees are dedicated to Jacie Keeley, Anrich Bester and Francisca Gusmão of Global Tree Initiative, USA. These fantastic people inspired, mentored and guided me to focus well on my project.

Core Values


We are committed to excellence & integrity.


We are committed to a consistent, honest and reliable way of action.


We will communicate openly and sincerely. We appreciate feedback.

EXPERT Expertise and insightful evidence-based solutions are at the heart of everything in Farmtastic Farm.

Contact Us

9 Conakry Crescent,
Malali, Kaduna,

(+234) 7039439896


9:00 am – 5:00 pm


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